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Flexibility Development Tutorials

Stretching is necessary for absolutely all people, so that their body remains mobile longer. Flexibility and elasticity of muscles is a prerequisite for effective sports, but also just the right and beautiful posture or graceful movements. That is why stretching exercises should be performed at the final stage of each training session or just after a short warm-up. Stretching for beginners is good because it does not overload the muscles and allows you to maintain shape. Stretching for beginners should contain only the safest exercises that could not damage untrained and unstretched muscles.

A set of stretching exercises

Stretching for beginners is an amazing video training that presents a whole range of exercises aimed at developing the flexibility of the body. Training consists of dynamic and static exercises. The program includes elements of yoga, endurance exercises, elements of body ballet, breathing exercises, ground gymnastics and practices aimed at energy and relaxation.

Dream Body Channel

Dream Body is an online fitness club that is accessible to anyone and everyone who has a computer and the Internet.

Katerina Buida

Fitness trainer channel: various techniques for improving the body, fitness programs, yoga, exercises for various muscle groups, proper nutrition and other topics.

Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev

We present you Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev – a snake-man,