Yoga for those over 50+

If you are tired of everyday ordinary life, then you need to try to learn something interesting. There are many places in our city where this can be done for free. We tell you about some of them.

1. Acrobatics for everyone

Here they teach acrobalance – pair exercises available to ordinary people without special physical training. This is a mixture of acrobatics and yoga. Classes are held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 21.00 to 23.00 for donation (voluntary donation). Trainings are held at the following address: Kazanskaya street, house 7, room 301 Here you can learn stage skills. To do this, conduct trainings on stage speech, movement, rhythm, a variety of lectures and rehearsals in the future help future lyceum artists to get basic acting skills, participate in productions and presentations . The training course lasts three years. The studio is located at the Moskovskaya metro station, the youth experiment studio “Experiment”, Predportovy 5th passage, 8. Phone: 413-58-20, 5

3. Dance parties with master classes in the “Attic” In the anti-cafe “Attic” there is a dance studio. Here you can learn to dance to the rhythms of tango, swing and salsa. Teachers of the dance school, which operates on the basis of anti-cafes, organize dance parties. To get there you need to follow the announcements of parties on the anticafe website.

4. Suspended University. You can learn German and English speaking clubs and lectures and discussions on a variety of topics. Suspended University is a knowledge sharing system. Everyone can be both a teacher and a student. Admission to all events and classes is free. Announcements and applications for conducting their courses and master classes are published in the appropriate group of the project.

5. Music school named after N. A. Rimsky-KorsakovHere taught to play the harp and organ. Classes are held in the afternoon or in the evening. The training includes the full program of the music school. People without age restrictions are accepted for training, pupils and students – for the budget, preschool children and working adults – for the self-supporting department.