Kundalini in Sanskrit means “serpent coiled”, but in reality it is the energy of realization resting in the coccyx. It is she who is responsible for unlocking potential and awareness. There are many types of yoga (for more details, here and each of them reflects one or another facet: hatha yoga works through the body, pranayama – through the breath, yoga mantra – through sounds, yoga nidra helps to relax.

Kundalini yoga combined all directions in itself, and due to the high sensitivity of the nervous and endocrine systems, the effect is primarily reflected on them.

We are used to thinking that a person is a physical body. But in reality, we are a physical body, three mental bodies and six energy. Kundalini Yoga is aimed at effective work with each of them. Briefly about the theory of 10 bodies of consciousness:

1) Soul. This is a true “I”, manifesting itself in the desire to do noble deeds and to be yourself. Yoga allows you to maintain a connection of mind and soul so that a person remembers that he came to earth to be happy and share joy with others –

Mental bodies Second, Third and Fourth. These are the properties of our mind, our consciousness and subconscious, which allows us to analyze, make decisions, form a picture of the world and put thoughts into words. There are three facets of the mind, or mental bodies:

2) Negative mind: reveals danger and pitfalls. A person with a developed negative mind is able to use them, circumvent and secure themselves. If the negative mind is weakened, then it’s difficult for a person to even leave the house, considering that the obstacles are insurmountable –

3) Positive mind: reveals opportunities. If it is developed, then a person looks at things optimistically, identifying profitable options and not discouraging even in the most crisis situation. A person with a weak positive mind rushes ahead, ignoring the dangers and sincerely believing that he does not have a single problem to be resolved-

4) Meditative mind: balances the two previous ones and allows you to take a sober look at things without involving emotions and taking into account previous experience –

5) The physical body is responsible for the health of organs and systems, addiction, grounding, the feeling of being “here and now”, freedom and self-realization –