Welcome to the website of the Patanjali Yoga Institute!

You decided to get acquainted with the teachings of yoga.

It is very important that the first acquaintance meets your expectations!

The Patanjali Yoga Center offers a three-step program for exploring the ancient teachings that is optimal for beginners:

Your advantages :)

Easy to get started:

– You can start at any day convenient for you –

– we recruit only 10-15 people in each group –

– beginner’s yoga course is repeated monthly.

Professional Technique:

– The Yoga Center works according to the methodology of the Patanjali Institute of Yoga – the leading organization for the study and research of yoga Patanjali –

– the curriculum is formed taking into account fundamental scientific research, many years of practical experience in the study and study of yoga in collaboration with leading experts in the field of philosophy, religion, culture, science, medicine, sports, psychology and linguistics –

– classes are conducted only by teachers certified by the Patanjala Yoga Institute.

Convenient, non-ruinous and pleasant:

– the hall is located in the center of Moscow, near the Paveletskaya metro station– you can always park 20-100 meters from the hall-