Yoga Guide:
The yoga classes at home that we offer you are designed specifically for beginners. You will not “get confused” in the terminology: all the new words that you will meet in the learning process are provided with comments and placed in the dictionary. To make it easier to remember, at the end of each lesson there is a micro-dictionary. Remember: theory is as important as practice.

However, without practice, especially “for dummies”, yoga is impossible. Therefore, each yoga lesson is accompanied by exercises for beginners. You will learn to control your breathing and … “think exclusively about the good.” As for the exclusively “good” – this, of course, is a joke, but there is some truth here. It lies in the fact that a person’s thoughts can radically affect his well-being and state of health. You will be able to understand yourself, adjust the “percentage of negative and positive” in your thoughts, and this, as the experience of six millennia of yoga shows, is the golden key to success.

Engaged in yoga lessons, you will not only enrich yourself mentally, but also flourish externally: a great physical shape, a slender, toned silhouette – this is the result of doing yoga, which for beginners at home is always associated with a pleasant opportunity to immediately start eating right and get the right portion of physical activity. For those who have “spoiled themselves” with an office-sedentary lifestyle, such a “reset” is necessary, like air.

At the end of the classes you will receive an ESCO Certificate, which will make it possible to apply the acquired knowledge not only to improve your well-being, but also to use this science for commercial purposes.