If you decide to seriously engage in yoga, then in addition to training at the club, you should also practice regularly at home. So that the beloved does not get bored, attract him to the classes of the so-called pair yoga. Then he can not only contemplate how you take very seductive poses, but also help you with the implementation of the most difficult of them.

Yoga for two

Pair, or contact, yoga is one of the new varieties of hatha yoga, when exercises are performed together with a partner and with his help. It is often compared to Thai massage, in which not only the hands of the massage therapist are involved, but also the elbows, knees, forearms and feet. Couple yoga is not far from tantra yoga, aimed at awakening and transforming sexual energy.

It would seem that yoga classes require maximum concentration on posture and breathing, so why should anyone else participate here? In fact, if you started training not so long ago, the partner will help in stretching, provide support or give an additional load in the power elements. Working together, it is easier to learn how to perform previously inaccessible asanas. Pair yoga will also be useful for muscle hypertonicity, poor joint mobility after injuries. Do not forget that you will have an additional incentive not to be lazy. After all, you will not only strengthen your body and spirit, but also spend time with your loved one.

In addition, yoga for two is a great cure for feelings of loneliness, fatigue and stress. It has long been known that the touch of a loved one is necessary for our happiness no less than sunlight or vitamins. When doing pair yoga, partners not only make physical contact, but also learn to rely on each other, their relationship becomes more durable and trusting. It is not for nothing that in the West pair yoga is also called Trust Yoga, that is, “trust yoga.” In such yoga, a man and a woman are constantly in contact.