A set of yoga poses for beginners

“Health is wealth. The world of the mind is pleasure. And yoga shows the way how to achieve this.” Swami Vishnu-devananda

Come “on yoga”

I came to yoga early enough. While still a little girl, a very sick child, she watched the program. It seems “Around the World.” Then I was lucky with the book – one, another, third. I practiced the exercises – physical, and then breathing. I learned what meditation and mantras are. After a break of two or three years, after going through a painful spiritual discord, through a huge number of external failures, I again returned to the roots.

Star experience

Singer Valeria is engaged in yoga, mainly its physical part, asanas. In an interview, she says: “It was a test. Yoga turned out to be the kind of fitness that suits me the most. It is very convenient to go on tour – you don’t need to look for a gym, just a room in a hotel. This is a whole philosophy, but even if we take only its physical component – this is already a lot. Awesome technique that helps keep your body fit and in a good mood. No other sport has yielded such results, and literally in a few months. I recommend to everyone”. Do yoga, and not just do it, but be able to communicate with a teacher, be filled with energy, glow with happiness, clearly know why you live … That’s what it means to practice, study yoga.