Yoga at home

What is stretching? Stretching is a set of exercises to increase flexibility, stretching muscles and ligaments. It is somewhat like yoga. As a result of stretching, the blood supply to the muscles, joints and ligaments improves. In addition, such activities increase self-confidence and mood.

The main principles of stretching: before stretching, you must definitely warm up well. To do this, do a set of cardio exercises, or run a few laps around the house, it also helps to take a hot bath for at least 20 minutes. Choose the right clothes for training. In fact, the effectiveness of stretching is highly dependent on the structure of ligaments and joints. If you have “soft 2 ligaments from birth, you can easily reach, then you can wear leggings and a T-shirt for training. If your ligaments are“ tight ”, then you need to carefully approach the choice of clothes. You need thermal underwear, if you need it you can’t afford it, you can wear fleece leggings, leggings, woolen socks, high leggings, shorts, a T-shirt or golf.This will help keep the ligaments warm to increase the effectiveness of stretching. When stretching, it is very important to breathe correctly. Respiration should be calm, even, deep. It will reduce pain about injuries and improve the result. in which case do not make sudden movements, they should be smooth to reduce the possibility of injury. when doing exercises you should try to relax. If you have stress, this can trigger injury, so take a deep breath and try to “let go “tension. stretch as often as possible, if possible, even every day, because stretching does not depend on the force applied to it, but on time.