9 reasons to never start

Often I hear from people: “I’m not ready for yoga, I have a bad stretch.” This indicates a misconception about yoga in general. It is also aimed precisely at developing those qualities that you lack, and balancing those that are in abundance. How to do it competently, we asked Natalia Kuzmicheva. A well-known yoga teacher in Moscow, Natalya is a co-founder of the yoga center Sat Nam and the author of a special training program for women.

“Natasha, if a person has never practiced yoga, where should he start?” “Any yoga begins with an understanding of the rules of behavior: yama and niyama, and among them, first of all, with the concept of“ Ahimsa ”, non-violence. If you start to study very zealously, and damage the joint, knee, for example, then it will take 6 months – they do not recover so quickly.

“How to start choosing the right practice?” “When choosing a type of occupation, as a rule, people want to improve what is good for them. Skinny want to lose weight. Those who already have no stomach, want the cubes to be, become even denser. And without that, the prevailing dosha seeks to intensify. And now she already weighs 50 kilograms, and she no longer has her period, but she wants to lose weight all the same. After all, there is medical evidence: if the fat layer is less than 0.8 centimeters, then the menstrual cycle automatically stops. The body begins to think that war and hunger, offspring cannot be had. But the head should turn on at this moment and say: “Where are you?”

“So, you need to do something that you just don’t want to?” “It’s better to carefully scan the whole body – is everything in order – joints, blood, internal organs. We have specialists in our center who can do general diagnostics. If any violations are revealed, then first of all it is necessary to work with them. And it makes no sense to work with something in common until a particular problem is solved – it will still not allow you to fully develop. For example, if a woman has an uneven cycle, she needs specific female practice, but not hard practices that require great physical effort.

If a person is bored with hatha yoga, one needs vivid impressions (or according to special indications – for example, to get rid of addictions), at first, Kundalini yoga is very suitable.