Pair yoga in Petersburg

Pair yoga (yoga with a partner, “lazy yoga”) is a type of yoga practice when exercises are performed with the help of a partner and, as a rule, in turn. Pair yoga is close to Thai, or yoga massage, and when paired with a partner of the opposite sex, it is similar to the “pair” type of tantra yoga, aimed at awakening and transforming sexual energy.

Method Features

Carrying out exercises of pair yoga, partners (preferably of the same weight) help each other to maintain balance, make bends, bends and stretch marks, serve each other as support, support or, on the contrary, “weighting agent”. Working in pairs, they get the opportunity to facilitate exercises, perform previously inaccessible asanas or deepen them. Pair yoga can be practiced with a sexual partner, with a girlfriend or friend, with your child or even with an unfamiliar partner – depending on this, the psychological effect of the lesson will vary.


In addition to physical (the acquisition of stretching and flexibility), and physiological (mutual massage, directly and indirectly affects the state of internal organs), pair yoga has a powerful psychological effect. Pair yoga classes are taught to trust a partner and people in general. In the West, pair yoga is often called Trust yoga.

Having given the weight of his body to the partner, the practitioner, perhaps for the first time, since he learned to walk, lets go of constant control of how firmly he stands on the ground … Feeling support, he gets the opportunity to relax and “open up”, being ready to provide the same help to another.

In the process of doing exercises, unconscious fears and complexes are revealed. Relaxing, we release a huge amount of internal energy, which was spent on the constant maintenance of “protection from the outside world”, supposedly full of dangers. Seeing the world to others, feeling careful in relation to ourselves, and showing the same thing to others, we eliminate internal blocks, remove excess tension in different parts of the body, coming to harmony and health.

As you master the exercises, pair yoga can develop into an improvisational dance of partners, turning into an excellent means of self-expression.