Art walk

How often you hear: “I’m not flexible enough (young, slim, strong) to do yoga.” “I am not at all in shape,” “I am not a vegetarian,” “I will not succeed,” or even “I cannot afford a cool rug or pants.” And all this is complete nonsense.

The saddest thing is that people often allow these prejudices about yoga to prevent them from standing on the rug. But the main thing in yoga is not to be perfect (as if it is possible!) The main thing in it is to accept yourself as you are now, with all your shortcomings, and work with it.

Yoga manifests itself in so many different forms and places, both on the rug and beyond.

So, how to practice yoga outside the mat (5 ideas):

Start the day by establishing sankalpa – intentions. Do this before you get out of bed. You can ask your mind and body what they need today. It is important to do this before the mind occupies itself with its endless to-do list for today. Remember your intention throughout the day. And at the end of the day, ask yourself — what can your body and mind thank you for? Be kind (practice ahimsa, nonviolence). Always start with yourself. If you are terrible about yourself, then you are terrible about others. So what is kindness to yourself? Go for a swim? Praise yourself? Do yoga? Thinking before you say yes to someone? Try something new? You can bring troubles to people or be their light – and the choice is yours. Breathe (practice Pranayama). Do not underestimate the power of breathing – in the end, your life literally depends on it. At least once a day, find 5 minutes for conscious breathing. Too long? Start with one. Feed your body clean food (practice shauchu – purity). Food can raise our blood pressure and cholesterol levels, create excess fat, fatigue and anxiety. It can also give us energy, clarity, stable sugar levels and balanced hormones – and can even cure some diseases. The choice, again, is ours – respect your “dress” – it is the only one you have. Organize your environment (practice aparigraha, non-accumulation). External chaos creates internal chaos. Let go of that which no longer serves you. A sweater that you have not worn for 3 years? Give it to whoever you really need it. The conviction that everything must be won by hard work? Throw it away.