It is no secret that physical exercise is a necessary means to maintain health, especially in our time, when we are not too active in everyday life. Well, if from childhood you have a habit of charging and sports, and if not?

Another excellent guide to a happy life and longevity is a healthy mentality – an obedient mind and a positive outlook on life. Very few people can boast of these qualities: our people have a widespread habit of complaining and suspecting bad things everywhere.

And for that, and for another, yoga is great. Recently, it has become so popular as a prophylaxis of cellulite in fitness clubs that many have a very cliched opinion about it: starting with the fact that it is a sect and they will take my apartment, and ending with the fact that everyone who went for a couple of lessons, the inevitable enlightenment falls in, and he goes to live in the forest to the beasts. Internet tricks in the spirit of “you-yogi” witty ridicule such points of view.

With yoga, glory to the sun, everything is not so difficult. Yoga in my favorite translation means “the science of controlling the state of mind.” Roughly speaking, she teaches the mind to obey us, rather than galloping like a mountain goat in her affairs from one thought to another. And everyone who begins to engage should remember this: in addition to health and the ability to listen to his body, he is likely to find peace of mind. If it works well, of course.

1. Motivation

You need to understand why you need it. As an option: – to get rid of back pain / neck / something else—— to learn how to control emotions—— to find spiritual comfort—— to increase vitality and feel energetic—— to have a good figure.

Any motivation is suitable for a start, as a last resort in the course of practice it can be changed. Decide on the motivation and let it be your flag, which you will proudly carry through all the difficulties that arise on the way, and they will also plug a throat of doubt.