Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan grew up in India, already at the age of eight he began to learn from the great and enlightened guru Sant Khazar Singh and showed himself to be such a gifted student that at 16 he was proclaimed a master by the teacher.

In Canada and America, in 1969, with the blessing of the Sigh, he began to publicly teach this direction, the White Tantra yoga and the doctrine of conscious life. There he came to understand that young people, using drugs that had swept the whole Western world at that time, were trying to comprehend the experience of a free, conscious life and to experience a state of expanded consciousness.

The master gave them a practice that allows them to enter this state without chemical dependence, while maintaining health and adequacy. He began teaching at colleges and universities and soon became widely known. Yogi Bhajan used the Kundalini technique to cure alcoholism, stress, drug and nicotine addiction.

Soon, he created a teacher association, which to this day continues to train teachers of this style around the world. Currently, Kundalini Yoga Centers of the Yoga Bhajan School operate in 40 countries.

In our country, this direction has been spreading since the foundation of the organization “Kundala” by Jacob Marshak, who took an intensive course in mastery at Yoga Bhajan in Moscow in 1990, which revealed the laws of practice to him, gave his student the spiritual name of Guru Jivan Sing Halsa and blessed to distribute Kundalini Yoga in Russia. And already in 1991 he opened his first group.

At the initiative of Marshak, some books were translated, and a series of books “Kundalini Yoga of the School of Yoga Bhajan” was published a little later. So this style of yoga became the property of the Russian public.

Today in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula, Orel and some other cities there are schools and centers in which everyone can learn this technique.