With the birth of a baby, a woman adds not only joy and trouble, but also questions: how to lose weight soon after birth and get back in shape. Let’s say right away: you need to exercise fitness after childbirth with caution. Here are the basic rules that we have put together with experts specifically for young mothers.

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Do not rush to lose weight after childbirth

First, understand that losing weight quickly after childbirth just does not work. Pregnancy – for the body, a lot of stress associated with a lack of vitamins and minerals, with hormonal changes. The recovery period after childbirth will take at least nine months. A sharp weight loss at this time is not only unlikely, but also very harmful. Your metabolism, milk loss, and health problems can occur.

Increase the load gradually

The second rule of fitness after childbirth is gradualness. Do not immediately seek to return to the physical activities that were familiar to you before pregnancy. At first, just walk with the baby in the fresh air. To begin with, 20 minutes a day, then gradually add both the time of walks and the pace of movement. Walking with a pram burns more calories than walking.

4-6 weeks after the natural birth, you can start gentle training, advises Anastasia Mironenko, Wellness Park group program manager. If you had a cesarean section or episiotomy, you will have to wait longer – 6-8 weeks: the stitches should be completely fused. Before you begin classes, it is better to consult a doctor.

As for full-fledged workouts, you can go to them three months after the natural birth and 5-6 months after cesarean. These terms are conditional and depend on whether you were engaged in fitness before and during pregnancy, and how the birth went.

In addition, young mothers should remember that during lactation active fitness is not recommended. “Serious power loads during the feeding period are still undesirable,” says Natalya Bakhireva, “LIVE!” Instructor. – The thing is that with them, lactic acid is released, which spoils the milk. A child can simply refuse it. As for aerobic exercise, there is no single rule for everyone. In some women it reduces lactation, in others it doesn’t. ” Therefore, during breastfeeding, only or will definitely fit.