Kundalini Yoga for Pregnant Women
Men and women are multidimensional. A man resembles a flowing river, sometimes shallow, sometimes deep. A woman is a deep lake, so deep that she herself does not know if he has a bottom. The process of spiritual unity of man and woman means that they continue to plunge all their lives into the depths of each other’s consciousness, making new discoveries and revealing new facets in each other. A man and a woman must understand each other.

A woman should be as vast as the ocean, vast as the sky. It covers the whole world and shines in the darkness of night. Her charm and sweetness, her patience and the words that she says are always correct. When a woman speaks to a man, he hears the music of her voice, her speech seems to him affectionate, soft and full of love.

Men and women are not the same, it is impossible to put an equal sign between them – they are complete opposites of each other and complement each other when they live in harmony. A man always seeks to win. He has a much more developed ego than a woman. Entering the world, he needs a strong ego, this is his masculine essence. But at the end of the day, every man wants to relax, he needs a place where he can easily spend the night. His house serves as a haven for him, and in this house he looks at a woman as a source of peace and inspiration. He needs her support and approval so that tomorrow he will go again to win.

A woman needs confidence in the future, because she is the keeper of the hearth and the mother of the children who need to be raised. A woman needs emotional confidence. This is why marriage is so important.

A woman needs security and protection, and only a man can satisfy this need. A woman is genetically programmed to seek protection in order to give life to a new generation. There are women who get more money than men. There are women who have won the black belt of karate. But it does not matter. The leader should be a man, providing a woman with unchanging support. If a man is not able to guarantee a woman confidence in tomorrow, she begins to feel a sense of resentment, indignation ripens in her, she becomes harsh and rude, and her true female essence hides behind the shell of alienation.

We forgot what the strength of man and woman is, we do not remember what they expect from each other. A woman can also lead a social life, but her strength and greatness are revealed when she continues to be a woman, and does not turn into a creature with a male grip. There is no woman more beautiful than the one who remains sweet and feminine, doing her job, whatever she may be. And there is no greater man than one who is not afraid to remain a man, showing modesty and concentrated determination.