The program “Yoga. Second stage ”with Inna Vidgof and Ravi Kumar is suitable for those who have already mastered basic asanas and want to improve in yoga.

Inna Vidgof and Ravi Kumar already talked about how to perform simple versions of asanas in the Yoga for Beginners class. Now they offer everyone to join the course for continuing “Yoga. The second stage. ” “We will show how to complicate some poses and thereby increase the healing effect of them,” says Inna.

“To engage in a continuing group, you need to have a basic knowledge of yoga. For example, to understand what pranayama and savasana are. If you have some idea of ​​how to breathe and move properly, “Yoga. The second step “suits you,” said Ravi Kumar.

In other words, if you have completed the initial course and are confident that you are doing the basic asanas correctly, you should go to the next level. For those who doubt their abilities, Inna Vidgof is encouraging: “We will show several options for each asana for different levels of training. If you feel that you cannot complete a difficult pose, you can always go to the simple option. “

This time, the instructors will pay special attention to postures with bends, preparation for twine and inverted asanas. “Flexibility exercises unload the spine, stimulate breathing, and enhance the mobility of the shoulder girdle,” Inna explains. “By doing them, you will always be awake.” “And stretching the legs will increase the mobility of the pelvis and sacrum and improve blood circulation in the abdominal cavity and organs of the genitourinary system,” Ravi adds. Inna and Ravi also promise to teach novice yogis shirshasana (headstand) – an effective pose that beneficially affects the heart, brain and the entire nervous system.