Yoga and Pilates classes: what

Savasana corpse poseWhat is right to start doing yoga at home, we found out. And now about how to finish the exercises. Always end the session with a few minutes of relaxation. Lie down on the floor, slightly spread your feet, hands at a distance from the body. Check all parts of your body, from the feet to the head, trying to concentrate on each individually and completely relax.

When you achieve complete relaxation, again mentally examine your body and eliminate all remaining tension. Help yourself by breathing, imagining that you are exhaling all the tension and breathing in fresh, clean air.

At the end of the exercise, stretch and roll over to one side to get up, sit a few seconds before standing on your feet.

Yoga as a profession: imprint on the interior

In the question of how to start yoga at home, one of the keywords is “at home”. Experts recommend that you organize a quiet corner for your studies, wherever nothing distracts you from this spiritual and physical practice. However, yoga can be practiced in any interior: it is not without reason that the coaches in this discipline have completely different homes. If you want to see how yoga teachers live – follow the links below.


Away: An apartment of 30 sq. M with ethnic motifs for a yoga instructor YOUR TURN … Tell us, how did you manage to start doing yoga at home? What are the most effective, in your opinion, yoga exercises for beginners. Share your secrets of quick form recovery in the comments section!