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We will be glad to all students: those who have never studied, and those who already practice hatha yoga, but strive to achieve a higher level of knowledge and skill.

We are sure that during the training process you will be able not only to improve your practical skills, but will also receive great pleasure. And that’s why:

the school is located just a 5-minute walk from the metro – a flexible class schedule allows you to choose the most convenient day and time for visiting – attentive and highly qualified teachers will help not only beginners in mastering the basic principles, but also significantly increase your skill level if you already mastered the basics – bright and spacious rooms are equipped with heating and air conditioning. In them you will feel free and comfortable – in the locker rooms there are individual lockers for changing clothes, there are also showers – you can use the most convenient system for paying for classes, whether it is daily payment for visiting or buying a subscription. Please note that our season tickets are not tied to dates: you get the number of classes that you can attend at your discretion.

Hatha Yoga Classes for Beginners:

Schedule: Tuesday / Thursday 18: 30-20: 00

Lessons are held in small groups, up to 15 people. This allows the teacher to observe each student and, if necessary, make adjustments to the performance of certain exercises.

Hatha Yoga for weight loss – a systematic approach to healing the body

It involves work in several areas:

physical exercises, breathing exercises, exercises to stimulate internal organs, meditation, relaxation techniques, proper nutrition.

During classes, various asanas (static exercises-poses for the physical body) are performed – from simple to complex, proper breathing is formed, and meditative techniques are used, thanks to which the body relaxes as much as possible.