Exercises for stretching muscles and

Dear colleagues! In anticipation of the New Year holidays, I want to arrange a holiday for my children, to summarize some things, to speak to my parents … And not at all what, if your area of ​​activity is connected with dancing, but with a sports and fitness direction, be it: fitball training , restorative children’s fitness, remedial exercises LFK, yoga … It is possible and necessary to conduct a New Year’s Open lesson! I’m ready to share a ready-made scenario where a team lesson is presented using health-saving techniques, elements of breathing exercises, strength exercises, including fitball, yoga elements, outdoor games and concentration. The video is accompanied by a detailed description and comments of important anatomical features of the development of a child of a given age and the benefits of each unit of classes. The format of the lesson is “New Year’s Open Lesson”: general strengthening fitness with elements of prevention of flat feet and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Age: 3-5 years old. Duration: 45 minutes. Who will benefit from this video? For both beginner instructors and professionals, they always want a sip of new information for their creative inspiration! Parents can also see how to introduce such exercises in a playful way into home practice: Movement is life, and correctly chosen physical activity is the key to healthy development! This short video shows a cut and only elements of the lesson. For all questions of acquiring the full version, please contact in private messages!