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Introductory classes are intended for people who have never before practiced yoga according to the Iyengar method. For those who once did yoga and thinks they have some idea about it, this class will help to put everything in its place and prepare for conscious yoga classes. Take your time to “slip through” this class, even if you practiced yoga and think you have some idea about it.

Classes in the introductory class are practical. From the very first lesson, you will begin to master poses. Physical activity is relatively small. In the classes they teach not only what yoga is, but also about the features of the Iyengar method, explain how to use additional materials and observe your body. In this class, teachers will answer all your questions, explain in detail how to perform poses. Some information is given only in this class. Therefore, those who have been engaged in our center for some time sometimes come to the introductory class to refresh their ideas about the basics of practice. Come if you do not understand some poses of the initial program or have difficulty in their implementation.