A special weekly course developed by us for those who have never done yoga and do not know where to start, or those who have been engaged for some time but have not figured out some key points.

Classes are held both during the day and in the evening – visit those that are convenient for you.

The course, worth 1,000 rubles, includes 3 hour and a half lessons that will create a solid foundation for your further effective practice.

Yoga for Beginners: The Basics

Tired of the endless debate “whose yoga is cooler”, we decided to unite all the best teachers of different styles so that each student had the opportunity to first-hand experience to understand the most suitable methodology for him. The basic principles of our classes:


There are more than 2,800,000 asanas in yoga, but each of us has only 2 arms and 2 legs. Regular incorrect repetitions lead to injuries, especially if you are not lucky to get to classes with an inexperienced instructor. All instructors of our center are professionals with extensive teaching experience.


In the schedule “Prana” the levels of ease-complexity of classes are indicated. But at each lesson there are both beginners and already experienced yogis. In addition, students have different levels of physical fitness. And age. Our task is to build the practice so that the experienced and trained do not fall asleep from boredom, and beginners do not die from overwork.


Our task is for you to leave the hall with a good mood, regardless of where you came from.

Every day we have more than 40 yoga classes in different directions, each of which you can attend without any prior registration and registration.

If you have very little experience in yoga practice, you can come to any regular lesson, but still we strongly recommend that you start with the “First Steps in Yoga” course.

If you have never done yoga, but you have many medals from school relay races and camp sports events, start with regular classes at levels no higher than “average”. If you haven’t done much sports in the past, it doesn’t matter, start with the “easy” and “very easy” levels.

The cost of a one-time visit with us is only 400 rubles, on weekdays after 18:30 – 500 rubles. We recommend using membership cards, with them the one-time cost of visits starts as much as 300 rubles. Read more about the cost of classes here.

What do I need to bring with me for classes?

The halls have everything you need for your practice, you only need to take a comfortable sports uniform with you, and you will probably want to take a shower after a workout, so take a towel too.