Antonina Vezhnivets Vajra Yoga

According to the doctrine, all diseases are provoked by an incorrect lifestyle, bad habits, malnutrition and a misconception about the world around us. Therefore, yoga classes are aimed at getting rid of the diseases of the body and soul and developing skills to look at life in a new way. You can do it yourself, but even better when yoga for beginners is taught under the guidance of an experienced instructor. This is especially true for beginners, for whom yoga classes in individual groups and directions are provided in the Bagira fitness center.

Yoga Directions in Minsk

Ashtanga Yoga in Minsk. Those who have a strong body and great energy are preferred. Exercises are done at a fast pace, with particular emphasis on breathing. This view helps to improve posture, develop endurance and flexibility. The goal of Ashtanga Yoga is spiritual and physical cleansing. Iyengar Yoga in Minsk is aimed at the harmonious development of the body. Exercises, of which there are more than two hundred in the system, are performed with various objects that serve as a support. The goal of Iyengar Yoga is to achieve the perfection of the spirit through the development of the body. Fitness yoga is an excellent solution for beginners and those people who are not ready to devote themselves entirely to yoga. The complex includes only the simplest exercises that everyone can do. Much attention is paid to muscle training and breathing exercises.

Everyone can choose for themselves what suits him best. Currently, yoga classes in Minsk are conducted by the teacher Olga Vladimirovna Nadtochaeva (6 years of practice, international training in these types). However, according to the rules of the fitness center, an instructor may be replaced if necessary. Classes are best attended regularly. For convenience, you can issue a subscription, which includes 8 lessons (specify the cost by phone numbers listed in the “Contacts” section).