Video Stretching Exercises

If you are concerned about being overweight, and you want to tone your muscles, then this article is for you. The set of exercises listed below will help you get rid of extra pounds, become slim and fit.

Yoga for Beginners – Exercises

You don’t have to bother with daily workouts, just devote yourself to our exercises twice a week and after a month you will notice an excellent result. To perform the exercises you will need a mat and a pair of weights of 5 kg each. If you are constantly involved in sports, the weight of the kettlebell may be slightly more. 1. The muscles of the legs, back and buttocks are strengthened.Place one kettlebell in front of you, legs should be together, arms extended at chest level, joining palms together. We take a breath, while the hands rise, slightly parted and stretch to the ceiling, exhale, bend to the floor and take a weight. Keeping the back and legs straight, we take a deep breath and try to straighten in this position, then we exhale and bend again, putting the kettlebell in front of us. It is advisable to repeat this exercise 10 times. If you are unable to lift the weight on straight legs, then bend them slightly at the knees and do the exercise with the knees bent.

2. Leg muscles, shoulder muscles, as well as buttocks and arms are strengthened. We take a weight in both hands, while bending our elbows, they should look to the floor. We lunge with the right foot, so that the hips are parallel to the floor, while exhaling, then slowly inhale and raise the weight above ourselves until the arms are fully extended. We exhale and accept the initial position. This exercise should be repeated five times on each leg.

3. Strengthen the muscles of the hips, legs, shoulders, arms and stabilizer muscles. Stand up straight, put your legs together, hold the weight with both hands at the hips, palms turned towards you, take a breath and sit down, while the weight will be in the knees, do inhale and raise the weight to the chin, while you need to spread your elbows to the side, exhale and accept the starting position. Perform 10 repetitions.