Every woman dreams of having a thin waist and a flat stomach. But where to find time to go to the fitness center or exercise at home? Woman’s Day answers – in the SOUL! We tell you how to make a very simple but effective exercise to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscles – a vacuum.

There are three powerful and effective exercises for weight loss, regular practice of which leads to the desired results. For their implementation does not require much space and time. The latter coupled with patience will be needed only to master these practices. However, all these exercises have contraindications: pregnancy, menstruation, postoperative and postpartum periods (at least 4 months should pass after childbirth), any pain during the practice. If available, it is better to postpone the lesson.


Thanks to the exercises “vacuum for the stomach” a good massage of the internal organs takes place, the blood flow increases, which helps to remove harmful substances from the body. There is a general improvement of the abdominal organs, pelvic organs. In addition, these practices stimulate digestion and promote proper bowel function. And, no less pleasant, strengthen the abdominal muscles, forming the waist.

Such exercises, including those aimed at losing belly, should be performed on an empty stomach – either in the morning or four hours after eating. It is most convenient during the morning shower, which in the modern world is almost the only place of solitude. Believe me, you will leave the bathroom more than peppy!

1. Vacuum for the abdomen or Maha Bandha (large castle)

The large castle includes four small ones: the root (or mula-bandha), the abdominal (uddiyana-bandha), the throat (jalandhara-bandha) and the language (nabho-bandha). This exercise is the basis for the other two, therefore, the development of yoga practices for weight loss should begin with it.

Place your legs about the width of the pelvis, bend them slightly at the knees and lean on your hips with your hands (just above the knees). The weight of the body is transferred precisely to the hands, the support should be palpable, and the lower back and abdominal wall should be relaxed. This is the position of the body in which it is easiest to master our magical exercises.