Ashtanga vinyasa yoga: practice for experienced and beginners

Yoga is an endless world in which there are hundreds of directions and systems, and not all of them are available for mastering by a person without preparation. However, there are also such directions that literally everyone can master – these include Ashtanga-vinyasa-yoga, which you can do at home from video lessons from. This direction will help you keep fit (it is good for losing weight), as well as relax, temporarily distance yourself from the turbulent flow of life, and get a boost of energy for the whole day.

What is ashtanga yoga?

Ashtanga-vinyasa yoga is a system of hatha yoga, which was founded in 1948 and, thanks to its features, quickly gained popularity. This system has a number of distinctive features:

– This is a dynamic practice of yoga– Asanas are performed continuously, in a stream, special movements are used for communication – vinyasas (hence the name of this direction) – When performing asanas, breathing, sight and energy locks play an important role.

The basis of ashtanga yoga is six series (sequences) of asanas performed in a continuous stream. Moreover, all series have a different level of difficulty, therefore, for beginners, training is reduced to studying the first series, and only after its development can you start the second, etc.

In general, ashtanga-vinyasa yoga is based on the basic techniques and sets of exercises that make up hatha yoga. In particular, each sequence of asanas always starts with Surya Namaskar (or “Salutation to the Sun”) – this technique is quite simple, but it is very effective. Today, there are two types of Surya Namaskar – versions A and B, the first consists of 9 asanas, the second contains 17 asanas, which have a number of differences. The online video tutorials presented here will introduce you to this technique, its varieties and features, and you will be convinced of its effectiveness by personal experience.