Purpose of meditation

There is no magic or magic in meditation. This is just a specific exercise, training, nothing more. The purpose of meditation is not “opening the third eye” or “comprehending the absolute.” The purpose of meditation is a healthy body and a healthy mind, peace, harmony, poise and happiness. All that is so lacking in our busy times.

Meditation is not as difficult as it seems. Moreover, I am sure that most of you have already been engaged in meditation, in a certain way, and you are even able to evaluate its effect! Surprised? Many of you, when you couldn’t fall asleep for a long time, started counting sheep: one sheep, two sheep … n sheep, until they fell into a dream? In this case, it was possible to imagine the curly-haired lambs themselves, jumping over the fence, for example. It helped someone. Why do you think so? Because you kept your attention on one thing, thereby stopping thinking about something else. All worries and thoughts left your mind!

And the very monotony of this process calmed you and you fell asleep! See, no tricks, everything is extremely simple. Meditation is based on a similar principle, although this is a very crude and simplified comparison. You concentrate on breathing, on the image or on the mantra, thereby calming your mind. But, undoubtedly, the effect of meditation is much wider and deeper than the effect that manifests itself in the counting of sheep. This practice can give you incomparably more.

Many articles in the domestic Internet segment on this issue are overloaded with all esoteric terminology: “chakras”, “energy”, “vibration”.