yoga is simple

Pose of the child What is happening: the muscles of the hip joints, back and quadriceps of the thighs (quadriceps) are stretched. 1. Get on your knees, they should be shoulder width apart. Connect the big toes. Your buttocks should be on your heels. 2. Lean the body forward (the head should be between the hips) and touch the rug with your forehead. Stretch your arms straight ahead, place your palms on the floor. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Stay in this position for a minute. What is the use for you? This soothing posture opens the hip joints and relieves tension in the lower back.

Pose of a dog looking down. What is happening: the spine, hamstrings, buttock and calf muscles are stretched. In addition, this asana strengthens the deltoid muscles and triceps. 1. Stand on all fours, feet and knees shoulder width apart. Arrange your arms also shoulder-width apart, with your fingers spread as far as possible. 2. Resting your palms on the floor, raise your knees and straighten your legs (If you have tightened hips, a slight bend at the knees is allowed) .3. Move your hands a few centimeters forward, and your legs a few centimeters back, gradually stretching. Take your heels back and rest them on the floor (although they do not have to touch the mat). 4. Relax your head, neck, freely lower your shoulders and look at your legs. Breathe deeply. Fix this position for a minute. What is the use for you? This asana is a great way to strengthen the upper body. When it is performed, the hips are located higher than the heart, so it also enhances blood circulation.

Warrior Pose 2 What is happening: the muscles of the hip joints, the inner surface of the thighs, chest, are stretched, and the quadriceps, muscles of the abdomen and shoulders are strengthened. 1. Place your feet at a distance of approximately 1, 2 meters. Turn your right foot so that your fingers point directly to the edge of your mat. At the same time, position the right leg at an angle of 30 degrees. 2. Raise your arms to shoulder level parallel to the floor, palms down. Bend the right knee so that the right shin and thigh form a right angle. 3. Carefully tuck the tailbone down while pulling in your stomach and take 5 deep breaths through the nose. Straighten your right foot and do the same with your left foot. What is the use for you? This strong posture will make your arms and legs slim and fit, as well as strengthen your heart.