Cozy atmosphere and elite Chinese tea at your service!

Dear friends, the cultural center “Shangila” together with “Consonant cuisine” invites you to a unique workshop on vegetarian and raw food cooking.

In the program of the master class:

– You will see how to cook quickly and simply delicious and USEFUL food from RAW, and therefore LIVE foods!

– What we cook: 1. Spruce Good Cocktail 2. Almond Dessert 3. Vegetable rolls 4. Walnut Cheese 5. Stuffed Mushrooms 6. Pumpkin Cake 7. Carrot balls 8. Stuffed Peppers and Tomato Snacks

– Tasting – Good mood

On December 2 and 11.12, a lecture-acquaintance with the achievements of modern diagnostic medicine will be held in the cultural center of Shangril: determining the disease and pre-disease by fingerprints. The connection between science and esotericism – what is a “photo of aura” and “harmony / disharmony of the chakras”? How can this knowledge help an ordinary person to improve their health? You can find out about this at a meeting dedicated to crownscopy.

Entrance to the event – 50 rubles.

Attention! All visitors – 50% discount on examination for themselves + 3 gift vouchers for a 30% discount for relatives and friends.

On Sunday, December 4, Stella Zubkova, a great singer-songwriter, our good and beloved friend from Lugansk, will perform with us. Stella will be in Voronezh after a long break, a lot of new and interesting things have appeared in her repertoire. One remains unchanged – a bright and unique manner a performance full of the most subtle nuances: from strength to tenderness, from tragedy to sparkling humor …