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This section of the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) on Yoga is based on the questions that we are asked in the classroom and on the Internet. You yourself can ask us a question using Yoga. Where to begin? (go to this section to find out where to start)

What clothes are best for yoga?

You can do yoga in any sportswear that does not restrict movement. In yoga classes, much attention is paid to the knees and shoulders, it is good if these parts of the body are open. Socks can be practiced, but bare feet provide the best grip on the surface of the yoga mat.

Do I need to bring a rug with me?

What time of day is it better to do yoga?

The best time for classes is the time when no one is bothering you. Of course, it is best to exercise intensively in the morning, this gives a boost of energy for the whole day, and in the evening to do a softer program, spend more time on upside down poses. But 2 times a day, not everyone can find time for practice. It is easier for beginners to practice in the evening, since the body is more supple, so many people prefer to attend evening classes and do not like to come to work before work (for example, at 8 a.m.). In any case, it is better to choose the same time every day, for example, to do daily from 8 to 9 in the morning, or from 19 to 20, etc.

How often do you need to do?

The ideal option is to engage in at least 1 hour daily. This is enough to maintain health. If it is impossible to practice every day, then you need to strive for rhythm 3 times a week. You can study only at the Center, or you can try to study at home according to a program agreed with the teacher. In this case, it is better to do 3 times a week for 30 minutes, than 1 time a week 1, 5 hours. That is, the principle of regularity is important.

Do I need to somehow change my lifestyle, habits, to start doing yoga?

No no need. Our habits, food, lifestyle, our thoughts and desires – all how we manifest ourselves – is the result of our nature, which sometimes leaves much to be desired. Just by forbidding ourselves anything (for example, smoking or eating sweets), we commit violence against ourselves, since we are working not with the cause of a phenomenon, but with the consequence. By doing yoga, you will begin to purify your nature, your body and consciousness by performing asanas and pranayamas, thereby eradicating the true causes of certain addictions. Yoga practice acts in such a way that a person no longer wants what is harmful to him, for example, smoking. You need to start practicing regularly and the lifestyle will definitely change.