Yoga is not just an ancient philosophy of the harmonious development of personality, it is, first of all, a multi-level system of static and dynamic exercises, which are collected in a variety of practices on a system of “from simple to complex.” Therefore, all the fears of beginners, for the most part, are unfounded and, after several classes, turn into growing satisfaction from the correctness of the chosen path. To begin with, it is recommended to properly balance your diet and organize the daily routine. Do not forget that yoga is also the construction of spiritual architecture, therefore, the more information you get about this teaching, the easier the learning process will go. Do not immediately set difficult goals – it is in the progressive development based on patience that the individual architecture of the body and spirit is built, which will become a new perspective reference point of your life.

Where to start doing yoga?

So, you made an important decision – to start yoga classes. Let’s figure out where to start and what rules to follow before starting classes. 1. Before starting classes, you need to determine the specific direction of yoga. This should be done based on your needs and capabilities. There are several basic types of yoga. Each of them has its own goal. Some focus more on the physical development of the body, some on the spiritual. It is very important to determine what you need.

2. It is necessary to determine the time of classes. Choose the lessons that will be convenient for you. Remember, it is not necessary to devote all your personal time to yoga, just a few hours a week. 3. For yoga, you need to choose the right clothes. First of all, give preference to natural fabrics. The main thing is that the clothes do not hamper the movement. Well, if it will be tight. Ankles and elbows should preferably be left open. Classes will be held barefoot. 4. Prepare yourself mentally. You must clearly decide what you will do. After that, you need to take the first step and come to class. After the first lesson, you will feel pleasant tiredness and a desire to continue studying.

So – yoga is the path to the harmony of the inner world. With it, you can remove all the contradictions and discover a new world for yourself. In addition, the physical state of the body will develop along with the spiritual world.