Regular cycle, vibrant sex, easy pregnancy – many people know about the positive effects of yoga on women’s health. Can yoga asanas be equally beneficial for men? Yes! We offer a complex that will improve men’s health and will contribute to good potency.


Weak sex drive and poor erection in men – in the modern world, alas, the phenomenon is not uncommon. If you do not consider serious diseases that affect potency (for example, diabetes), and also do not take into account the psychological factor, the main reason for the deterioration of men’s health is poor blood circulation in the groin. Stagnation in the pelvic area interferes with the normal filling of the corpus cavernosum with blood (read: erections). So, in order to solve this problem, it is important to activate blood circulation in this area and stimulate the work of the endocrine glands. And here yoga will help!

“This special set of asanas for men’s health is designed to restore normal blood and lymph movement in the area of ​​organs important for childbearing,” says Rauf Asadov, Yoga Instructor, author of the Organic People, Yoga in Parks and I Love community yoga. And concentration and even breathing during the performance of asanas will help you even out your psychological state. To achieve the desired result, the complex must be performed at least every other day.

To complete the complex you will need a rug.

Men’s yoga: asanas complex for good potency

Tadasana with Mula Bandha

Place your feet in the width of your pelvis. Feel the support at three points: the heel, the outer edge of the foot, the base of the thumb. Make a light, “tearing” rug force feet in the sides. Tailbone tuck. Pass the middle of the chest forward and upward. Relax your shoulders and move down further from the ears. With your crown reach for the ceiling. Bring the body weight a little more to the heels until you feel a sense of raising your toes above the mat. Perform mula bandha – tighten the muscles of the perineum. Stay in the pose for 8 breathing cycles.

Uddiyana bandha

Sit in Sukhasana. Turn on the muscles of the perineum. Take a long deep breath in and out and lower your chin to your chest. Sitting with a straight back and push your hands off the floor, stretch your spine up. Relax your shoulders, abdominal muscles and open your chest. Due to the pressure difference, the stomach will retract itself. Take 8 breath-holding approaches. Between repetitions, take a long, deep breath.