How I came to Kundalini Yoga

It is a great blessing to be a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and join the Golden Chain of teachers, standing in line with such great people as Yogi Bhajan, Map of Singh Khals, Shiv Charan, and carry the Teaching through time. Remember that material values ​​become obsolete, while spiritual values ​​remain eternal, and it will be difficult to overestimate your contribution to the preservation of tradition.

However, it is often difficult for a new teacher to take the first step, and doubts overcome and impede the formation of the Way. If fear has bound you hand and foot, remember: there will never be a perfect time to start. It may seem to you that right now you are not ready, that you know little that other matters require immediate attention, a treacherous desire to postpone for Monday or “tomorrow” will appear. But know that in this situation there is nothing more important than fear, which must be overcome and just start!

Being a teacher is neither a goal nor a result. This is a process that begins right now and happens every minute with you. You are involved in the School of Life, and constantly receive lessons and teach others. By teaching Kundalini Yoga, you yourself will learn from your students, and over time, your classes will become more structured and conscious.

Remember how Kundalini Yoga changed your life. Take courage, the one that your teachers recruited, who discovered this practice for you, and take a step towards those who are still waiting to get acquainted with this wonderful, healing practice.

There are many good ways to start teaching. The most important thing in this matter is word of mouth. Tell as many acquaintances in yoga and not yoga that you are now a teacher and the job is done.