The art of yoga originated in the culture of Indian civilization in the 11th century BC. unites our individual limited consciousness with a transcendental consciousness, with the Higher Self, not conditioned by anything, i.e. with the Absolute Truth.

Yoga is also a means to pacify, curb and gain control over the mind, emotions, feelings, body, i.e. that is subject to constant fluctuations and disturbances. It is very important to understand that we do not suppress them, but take control over them, so as not to be their slaves.

The word “Kundalini” is translated as “curl”. This is energy, figuratively folded into a spiral, a “curl” that is located at the base of the spine and sleeps for the time being, while we, practicing Kundalini Yoga, gradually clear all the energy channels in the body, balance the chakras. Then it will automatically rise through all the chakras to the crown of the head. At this moment, a state of Samadhi comes to a person – awareness, when I know myself, the Soul recollects its true nature and, merging with the Primordial Light, sees things as they really are, all the beauty of the Divine Game.

Is kundalini yoga a religion?

No, this is not a religion.

All techniques of Kundalini Yoga are aimed at developing individual abilities of a person in such a way that their own sensitivity and awareness can control a person’s spiritual choice, as well as his choice in relation to elevating and lowering habits. We have many techniques that help us gain experience in the relationship between our finite “I” and “infinite” I. This is yoga, not religion.

It is spiritual from the point of view that always gives the experience of connecting with a larger “I”, a community of other people and the greater spheres in which we are involved.

Basically, Kundalini yoga practitioners note that their spiritual path has become deeper, no matter what tradition they belong to, because the mind is cleansed, the energy level rises, emotions become more pure and sublime.

What will be the result of Kundalini yoga?

Very often, people ask what special things Kundalini Yoga can give them, which they will not get when practicing other types of yoga. I decided to draw up a detailed answer to this very important topic for understanding.