Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

The most common mistakes of beginners who decide to do yoga

The beginning of yoga is a very difficult stage in the life of any person. Few people are able to immediately get the idea of ​​a complex yoga system and avoid injuries and injuries. That is why studies were conducted that uncovered five major problems for beginners:

– incorrect statement of the problem – sporadic studies – bending sticks – lack of desire to change – incorrect self-analysis.

It is these five pitfalls that are the reason that people cannot begin to practice yoga normally. Following our advice, the participant will be able to bypass them. We have been practicing yoga for a rather long period, and our experience tells us that a little theory has never hurt anyone. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at each case.

Incorrect statement of the problem

To begin with, do not evaluate yoga from Western and European films. As a rule, what you saw is more of something pulled out of yoga and carries an attractive character rather than something really worthwhile. Keep in mind: in order to achieve good physical health, it is not always necessary to develop good flexibility. In turn, practicing only flexibility and endurance, a beginner will not be able to find peace of mind. Also, spiritual exercises may not lead to good physical health. That is why a gradual system of practice release for beginners was invented. A person must set clear goals. He must clearly know what he wants from yoga. And after each lesson, it is necessary to evaluate it, that is, to understand whether it helped to get closer to the goal or to change the style of classes.

For example, some people experience kiskomfort in the body. Accordingly, after each yoga class, it is necessary to observe whether these symptoms are reduced or how. If your goal is to cope with stress and learn to control consciousness, then the criteria will be completely different. You will need to learn calm, worry less about troubles, sleep harder and longer, learn concentration and so on. That is why practically every inhabitant needs yoga in Moscow.