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The ancient tantric techniques of yoga and kriya. Introductory course

This balanced guide (in three volumes) was developed by the Bihar School of Yoga. It uses different directions of yoga – hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and kriya yoga, offering a consistent system of mastering yogic mastery verified by many years of practice, the most effective and safe.

Tantric meditation Tantra is the oldest science of life, aimed at accelerating the evolution of mankind.

Tantra is a universal and practical science, which is acceptable for all men and women, for all temperaments and any spiritual level, for each situation.

The purpose of this book is to shed light on those meditative techniques that originally date back to tantra and today can be used practically, in their original authentic form.

The ancient tantric techniques of yoga and kriya. Advanced Course Ancient Tantric Yoga and Kriya Techniques. Master courseAsana. Pranayama. Mudra. Bandha

For millennia, yoga adepts have sought and honed practices that could help a person in his inner journey. The result of their activities was a harmonious, scientifically verified system for improving the body, mind and spirit.

The book includes only one hundred percent working technique, the effectiveness of which has been tested by generations of seekers of higher truths. Having become a part of your life, they will incomprehensibly change its tonality. You will find that there are no incurable diseases and good health is not a gift from above, but the result of a proper lifestyle – that stresses and negative emotions take place in your life only to the extent that you cultivate them.

Bhakti Yoga Sagar. Ocean of Yoga of Devotion. Part 1

This book is a collection of satsangs conducted by Swami Satyananda Sarasvati in his ashram in India in the 1994th year.