Hatha Yoga with Olga Bulanova. The very first poses. Pal

This film is intended for those who are just starting to do yoga. The presented complex uses simple poses, many are shown in different variations, including using a belt and additional support. It also explains the implementation of poses that may not work out the first time, but with regular practice they are quickly mastered.

If it’s hard for you to hold postures for a long time, you can leave the posture earlier than suggested in the film, gradually you will be able to do the rhythm of the film.

Keep in mind that during menstruation it is not necessary to strain the abdominal muscles and perform inverted poses, therefore during this period the Navasana, Strengthening Abdominal muscles, lying on your back and Inverted poses blocks should be excluded from practice.

The film was shot in Rishikesh on the roof of the Krishna Cottage.

The film is divided into the following parts:

Setting up practice Surya Namaskar Balances on one leg, Standing poses Strengthening arms, Sitting poses Navasana, Bending in the “Cat” and lying on the stomach, Compensation of flexures: Yoga Mudrasana and twisting, Strengthening the press, lying on the back, Half bridge, Bridge and twisting, lying on the back.