Yoga for beginners at home with

Free open lesson on stretching and developing flexibility ————————————————— November 28 at 20:00

If you have long dreamed of sitting on a string, you want to have slender and beautiful legs, gain lightness, freedom of movement and get rid of extra pounds, as well as remove body clips and work on your royal posture and spinal health, this event is for you.

The organizers talk about a unique technique that combines the rich experience of oriental yoga schools with traditional methods of developing the flexibility of strength gymnastics. Soft and effective, this system is suitable for beginners, regardless of age and level of training, and those who have already achieved good results and want to move on.

Beginners will be told how to start correctly, how to avoid common mistakes and injuries.

Those who have already achieved certain successes will be helped to reach a new level, they will be shown more advanced versions of well-known positions and asanas. They will advise how to build classes in order to constantly develop and progress.

Having visited an open lesson, you will learn what you should pay attention to first of all, and what can be neglected at the initial stage. Where to get motivation and how to maintain interest in classes. You will meet like-minded people and get answers to many of your questions regarding stretching and the development of flexibility in general.