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Among all yoga practices that exist today in the world, ishvara yoga has a special place. This peculiarity lies in the fact that ishvara yoga considers a person as an integral and harmonious system of the body and consciousness, and develops this system in a complex. It would seem that such a philosophy is embedded in all yoga practices, but in reality there are several very important differences.

What is ishwara yoga?

Ishvara yoga is not just a practice, but a special system and methodology of teaching hatha yoga techniques. That is, it is based on the techniques, principles and techniques of Hatha Yoga, but it involves a different approach to practice. This system was developed relatively recently by a Ukrainian practitioner and teacher Anatoly Zenchenko. This system has summarized many years of experience and proved that it has tremendous potential.

So how is ishvara yoga different from hatha yoga practices? The main difference is that a person (namely a person!) Is considered as a harmonious and integral system of the physical body and consciousness. And the development of this system should be carried out in a complex, in close connection of the physical and spiritual, without highlighting priorities and individual parts.

This approach helps to know your body and consciousness, to feel how they interact with each other, and to approach the state of true freedom, awareness and responsibility.

What are the features of the practice of ishwara yoga?

Ishvara yoga is based on, as already mentioned, Hatha Yoga asanas, but their implementation is based on slightly different principles. Here, each asana is performed with the whole body, with all the muscles that are built from the center to the periphery. Moreover, the key point is the state of the muscles – they are all equally stressed, ideally in the body when performing the asana there should be neither too relaxed nor too stressed muscles.

Only in this way can one know oneself and comprehend the harmony of the non-material consciousness and the material body.

Mastering this practice is not easy, but anyone who really wants it can succeed. And feel for yourself the freedom that we have lost in our world, filled with vanity and stress. And to do this, comprehensive training at home will help, along with an online course from