Yoga helps to open spiritual vision, return to natural sources – this is exactly what Karina Kharchinskaya believes. This woman literally radiates energy and gladly shares it with the help of copyrighted video courses – yoga with Karina Kharchinskaya is very popular.

Key recommendations of Karina Kharchinskaya

Karina is sincerely passionate about yoga and seeks to share her knowledge and worldview with the people around her. Kharchinskaya points out the main mistake of many beginners – they perceive the ancient teachings as ordinary fitness, which is fundamentally wrong. You can’t overpower yourself, force to go to classes “from Monday.” This leads to the fact that lying on a rug in a yoga studio you will painfully strain, trying to relax. Needless to say, you will not succeed, and time will be wasted.

Kharchinskaya claims that everything is much simpler in yoga – this system is a kind of concentrate of relaxation. Ancient doctrine helps to conserve vitality economically, spending as much effort as necessary and no more. Karina compares this condition with shopping – when buying goods, we try not to overpay, which saves money. It is also worth doing with the vitality – you can’t senselessly “squander” them. As practice shows, even the simplest movements we spend more energy than necessary.

The exercises proposed by Kharchinskaya help to find lightness in the body, achieve inner peace, strengthen the muscle corset. Yoga can be practiced at a convenient time online, or by recording a video course. It is important to tune in to classes, to get anxious thoughts out of your head, to listen to your body, to concentrate on the inner sensation of the work of its organs and systems. Kharchinskaya recommends starting relaxation with the muscles of the face. Then you should go to the hands and feet. Even this minimal program will provide positive results.

Total Kharchinskaya recorded about 30 lessons. Particular attention in the classroom is given to the lower back (it is subjected to daily stress, therefore, it needs constant attention).