Yoga in pictures for everyone

Complex for weight loss – yoga asanas for beginners in pictures

These yoga assans are selected in a special complex by the American yoga star Tara Styles for ladies who want to maintain beauty and harmony. Moreover, losing a couple of kilograms with regular classes is also quite realistic. Exercise reduces wrinkles, makes the stomach, legs and buttocks firm, gives energy, and this gives new colors to your beauty and irresistibility. Especially for beginners, the yoga complex is presented in pictures.

Start with the breath

Here’s how: take a deep breath, slowly raising straight arms up through the sides. At the same time, fill the lungs with air, from which the chest rises. The shoulders remain relaxed. Look up and look at the tips of your fingers, without straining the muscles of the face, especially the forehead. When you exhale, relax and let your hands slowly drop down through the sides.

How long: 5 repetitions.

What it gives: improves posture.

Why right now: Because the summer heat is not the best time for us: the skin dries in the sun and loses its elasticity, and it is very difficult to perform outdoor exercises in the afternoon.

Why is it necessary? These yoga asanas support the elasticity of the muscles of the face, legs, buttocks and abdomen – stimulate blood circulation and blood circulation. At the same time, they allow you to relax and develop cortisol (stress hormone) and saturate them with blood, thereby slowing down the aging process in the cells and smoothing wrinkles. Yoga for weight loss will require daily exercise for at least 15-20 minutes, and for beauty and attractiveness, two to three workouts per week are enough.

Lean forward

Here’s how: stand straight, legs close together. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, slowly lean forward, lifting your straight arms, entwined with your fingers, up behind your back. The abdomen lies on the hips, the legs in the knees relaxed forward, fold your hands behind your back, and let your hands fall back to the front. Rest in the stomach on the hips. Freeze in this position, breathe evenly.

Until then: 5 deep breaths.