Hatha Yoga for Beginners

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Hatha Yoga for beginners. Zubkov A.N., Ochapovsky A.P. authors: Zubkov A.N., Ochapovsky A.P. name: Hatha Yoga for beginners size: 1.57 Mb file type djvu

The book from a materialistic point of view sets forth the ancient Indian teaching of Hatha Yoga. An original and effective approach to the prevention of a number of diseases through regular exercise in this system is proposed.

Great attention is paid to personal hygiene, the development of internal culture, diet, and the respiratory system. The personal experience of the authors and the experience of teaching Hatha Yoga in India and other countries are used. The therapeutic effects and contraindications are described.

Chinese Qigong Therapy. 2.12 Mb view of the document: a practical guide

Dedicated to one of the precious legacies of ancient Chinese medicine – wellness gymnastics Qigong.

Based on the ideas of traditional Chinese medicine, effective systems of simple psychophysical exercises aimed at preventing and treating diseases, improving health and prolonging life are described. Concrete recommendations are given for healing the body in various chronic and complex diseases; special exercises are described for the treatment of hypertension and tumor (cancer) diseases.