It is no secret that there are specialized female practices in yoga. We note right away that they have nothing to do with either feminism or machismo. The fair sex has long proved that in technology they are not inferior to male yogis. However, objective differences in physiology dictate their own rules. It is because of the structural features of the body and the organization of the hormonal system that required the development of specific principles of yoga for women. Which ones? We figured this out together with Anastasia Leonova, a yoga teacher, a yogi therapist and an AnySports expert.

There are about 60 hormones in the female body, and a slight malfunction in at least one of them can cause an imbalance of the entire hormonal background. But to debug this biochemical “orchestra” without the use of medicines is not so simple. And yoga for women is one of those means that can directly affect the hormonal system. It is worth considering, however, that with the wrong approach, yoga for women may not be useful. It is important to consider all hormonal processes and adjust the program depending on individual characteristics. By the way, it is recommended to start practicing female yoga in adolescence, when the first serious hormonal changes occur in the body of a future woman.

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