Already, literally, by the end of the week of classes you will feel the effect.

In this complex, attention is paid to each joint. Some exercises allow you to “work out” individual joints almost in isolation, while others are simultaneously aimed at the shoulder, hip, ankle and other joints.

Of course, we do not ignore the spine, in which the joints are the most. In this set of exercises, he gets a healing effect, because you perform all three necessary types of mobility for the spine.

For more information about the technique of the complex, see the video.

Thanks to such gymnastics for the joints, the muscles surrounding them become stronger, the delivery of nutrients to the joints improves, the output of already used substances increases, and the joints themselves become less susceptible to arthrosis. You can easily achieve this result by performing this complex 2-3 times a day. After all, arthrosis, such as osteochondrosis, is not some kind of disease. Their reason is simple – a sedentary lifestyle and nutrition.

This set of yoga exercises is suitable for both beginner practitioners and advanced ones. The duration of each exercise can be increased depending on your physical fitness. Try to make movements until there is a feeling of warmth and very slight fatigue in the working muscles.