Yoga for beginners at home

Yoga, as we all know, is not so much a complex of physical exercises as a philosophy. Those who want to lose weight, perceive yoga as the most optimal type of load on the sport. And for those who are in search of themselves, yoga is a means of unlocking inner potential, achieving calm and meditation.

But expectations from yoga are often erroneous. Having come for a beautiful figure, many discover changes in their internal state and attitude. From simple physical exercises, yoga turns into a worldview.

Of course, for people who practice yoga a couple of times a week, it will not become something deeper and more meaningful. If you exercise more intensively, then you begin to understand the philosophy of yoga. A deeper understanding of yoga comes with more intense workouts, vegetarianism and meditation.

This category of our home yoga site contains video yoga lessons for both beginners and more advanced athletes, namely:

Sitting asanas – they will help you develop the muscles of your lower body – train your hip biceps, quadriceps, calf muscles, adductors, and perineum muscles. Also, some poses will help to improve your knee and hip joints.

Standing asanas – will also help develop the muscles of the legs, back, abs and even arms. You will learn to maintain balance by performing some of these asanas. These asanas are suitable as yoga exercises for beginners.

Bending backwards – Asanas from this section will strengthen the muscles of your back and abs. You will learn how to get up in the shoulder and ordinary bridge, and also – to maintain balance.

Twisting is one of the most extensive types of asanas. Twisting can complement asanas while sitting and standing, they will strengthen the muscles of your back and abs, and also help transfer weight to your legs, making them strong.

Restoring asanas – they are performed between other complex asanas so that your muscles can rest and recover a little. This category includes such asanas such as Balasana (child’s pose) and Supta Baddha Konasana (Bound angle pose in lying position).

Tilts forward – strengthen the biceps of the thigh, adductors, calf muscles, cadricps and back muscles. Beginners are recommended to bend with bent knees and ALWAYS with a straight back.

Inverted asanas are probably the most spectacular poses in yoga. These asanas include various headstand, plow posture, as well as the so-called “candle”.

Hand balances are also very effective postures, which, as the name implies, strengthen the muscles of the hands and develop a sense of balance.