ACRO YOGA for beginners

Looking for something to do at home? Want to try something truly unusual and different from everything you’ve seen before? Then acro yoga lessons are exactly what you need! Why? Because acro yoga classes combine asanas of classical yoga, the dynamics of gymnastics, and the effectiveness of Thai massage. It seems that these three directions are completely incompatible, but acro yoga proves the opposite. And we are sure that this technique will bring you great pleasure and will definitely like it!

What is acro yoga?

Acro yoga is a unique technique combining Hatha Yoga asanas, acrobatic exercises and Thai massage techniques. And most importantly, this technique is for two, all its poses (asanas) are designed to be performed in close cooperation by a couple (as well as with the help of a third person), and it is simply impossible to do it alone.

Acro yoga is one of the newest techniques, formally it has existed for a little over ten years (the year of its creation is considered the year 2003), however, in fact, the approaches typical for this technique began to be practiced much earlier. Also from the 1980s – 1990s, a variety of techniques began to appear (including acro balance, contact acro, pair acrobatics, etc.) that resembled modern acro yoga. But since 2003, acro yoga has officially existed, and to date, it has gained millions of fans around the world.

This technique has several distinctive features that make it unique and unlike anything:

All asanas are performed literally in flight. One of the fundamentals of classes is the mutual trust of partners who align with each other, are always on the same wave. Also, acro yoga is based on softness and balance. Acro yoga, unlike many others. a technician and practitioner is fun, very pleasant and uncomplicated (although it requires some preparation).