Eliminates fat deposits in the waist, improves digestion, strengthens the hips and knees.

Standing straight, inhale raise straight arms above your head, stretch your crown up, stretching your spine. As you exhale, continuing to stretch up with your hands up, bend down as low as possible to your legs, “folding” in your hip joints. Place your hands on the floor so that they are parallel to the feet and your fingers “look” forward. If you are not reaching the floor, grasp your shins with your hands or place your hands on a stand. Leaving the pose, while inhaling, slowly raise the body up and lower your relaxed hands down.

Virabhadrasana II (Warrior Pose Variation)

Virabhadrasana II

It strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms, gives them a beautiful relief, tones the muscles of the back and abdomen, improves vitality.

Stand straight, in a jump spread your legs at a distance of about 130 cm from each other, stretch your straight arms to the sides at shoulder level, point your palms down. Turn the right foot to the right at an angle of 90 degrees, and slightly turn the left foot inward. Keep your feet in line. As you exhale, bend your right leg to a right angle. Make sure your shoulders are under the pelvis. Then turn your head to the right and direct your gaze over your palm. Repeat the exercise the other way.

Vasishthasana (Pose of the sage Vasishtha)


Strengthens oblique muscles of the abdomen, arms and legs, promotes weight loss.

Lie down on your left side, with your right foot on top of your left, your right hand on your hip, and your left hand on the floor, under your left shoulder. Lift the top of the case, resting on the straightened left hand. Then tear off the thigh from the floor and stretch out with a “string” so that the body is held only on the left foot and supporting arm. Pull your right hand up. Pull up your stomach and push your pelvis forward. Imagine that you are sandwiched between the walls on both sides. Perform the asana the other way.

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)


Strengthens the hips and calves, promotes uniform development of the muscles of the legs, tones the abdominal organs.

Stand straight with feet in the width of the pelvis, extend straight arms above your head and join your palms together. As you exhale, bend your knees and lower the body until your hips are parallel to the floor. Imagine that you are going to sit on an imaginary chair, rest your heels on the floor. Then bend in the thoracic spine and point the chest up.