The next basic complex for improving hatha yoga for beginners from Nikolai Vysochansky – the author of the course.

All basic complexes are intended for beginners, therefore asanas of the first difficulty level are presented in these complexes. Thanks to this, everyone can practice complex hatha yoga and receive benefits.

The orientation of the base complexes is quite diverse. It is in this complex that the emphasis is on working with the spine.

After all, the spine is the basis of health. Practicing hatha yoga, we, on the one hand, strengthen the muscles, and on the other hand, relax and lengthen the muscles.

Due to this effect on the musculo-ligamentous apparatus, muscles and ligaments become plastic and strong. In other words, the muscles are in good shape.

And just when our muscles are in good shape, that is, when they are relaxed on the one hand and strong, on the other hand, our spine is also in good shape.

Do it with pleasure:

The spine, which is very dependent on the state of muscle tone, receives additional relaxation and at the same time strong muscles hold the spine in the correct position.

In this way, we maintain spinal health. There are no other options. Only exercise and relaxation in exercise.

This is called a ha-ha state, that is, tension is relaxation. And thanks to such work with the spine, we strengthen it and at the same time stretch it.

As you can see, everything original is simple. The only question is to overcome your laziness and do what needs to be done. And what needs to be done? That’s right – to do hatha yoga.

Be healthy!

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