Yoga in Dnepropetrovsk. Set for a yoga group 2016-2017Yoga for beginners, Dnepropetrovsk 2016.Instructor of the Ukrainian Yoga Federation Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Open group entry for beginners



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Yoga for beginners



Yoga classes in Dnepropetrovsk. Schedule 2016

Set in the group “Yoga for beginners.” Dnepropetrovsk

Schedule: -Place: Dnepropetrovsk-Registration for yoga classes by phone: (050) 751 25 39.

Yoga Instructor Daria Antonenko

Set in the group “Yoga for beginners.” Dnepropetrovsk

Barcelona Yoga Conference 2013

Friends, we returned from traveling and prepared a photo report on the International Yoga Conference in Barcelona! Full report here: Barcelona Yoga Conference 2013)

We exchanged experience with world-class Yoga instructors, learned something new and introduced our new friends to the tradition of our School.

Many instructors and practitioners from both Europe, the USA, Japan, and India were interested in the book by Andrei Grigorievich Safronov “Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergy”, published in English.

We are pleased to share with you our impressions on our blogs:

* A joint blog of the instructors of the Ukrainian Yoga Federation – Vasilyeva Natalia, Danilov Dmitry, Mishchenko Irina – can be read here :)

* The official blog on the website BYC – 2013 – Natalia Vasilyeva in Russian, English and a little Spanish – here :)

* A lively and vibrant blog on the site – Dmitry Danilova – here :)

Congratulations to students of Dnepropetrovsk with the completion of Thai massage courses!