Yoga is not only a system of physical training, but also a special perception of the world around us. Yoga for pregnant women helps the expectant mother maintain good spirits and good health during the period of gestation, prepare for the difficult stage of delivery and recover much faster after childbirth. Regular yoga classes strengthen the nervous system, help relieve muscle and emotional stress and have a beneficial effect on the developing fetus.

What are the benefits of doing yoga during pregnancy

A distinctive feature of yoga from other complexes of physical activity is the combination of a smooth and unhurried rhythm of performing exercises with healthy breathing, elements of meditation and relaxation. As a result, many useful effects are achieved:

1. Soft massage and rhythmic contractions of the muscles of the pelvic floor strengthen it, improve blood circulation in this area. From the very first lessons, the venous return from the veins of the legs increases, which prevents the occurrence and progression of varicose veins throughout pregnancy.

2. The elasticity of the soft tissues of the pelvic floor increases, which means that during childbirth a woman is less likely to experience their breaks when passing the fetal head.

3. The strong muscles of the perineum and genitals make contractions more effective, and the attempts stronger.

4. Yoga breathing exercises saturate the arterial blood of the pregnant and uterus baby with oxygen. As a result, the mother can easily tolerate stuffy rooms, heat with high humidity. She is less likely to be bothered by headaches and bouts of general weakness. And in a baby, in conditions of a sufficient amount of oxygen, all organs develop correctly and mature in due time.

5. Yoga classes normalize the tone of both arterial vessels and veins. This is an excellent prevention of high blood pressure, edema and toxicosis.

6. A specially selected complex can help to naturally correct the incorrect position of the fetus in the uterus.

7. Exercises for relaxation, deep rhythmic breathing and nature music for yoga relieve accumulated fatigue and nervous tension, bring harmony and tranquility to the future mother’s soul in a successful pregnancy.