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Book: Simple Yoga for Beginners – M. Schiffers

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Title: Simple Yoga for Beginners The book is based on many years of teaching experience in one of the most respected yoga centers in our country. ‘Do no harm’ is one of its basic principles. Therefore, there is so much attention paid to the difficulties that can be encountered when performing asanas, and to various sores that are very familiar to many – after all, this is a book for us, ordinary people, and not for some super yogis. Every recommendation and caution here is suffered, often in the literal sense of the word!

The book will help both those who practice yoga in a group (because at home and on vacation you will not turn to a teacher for advice), and those who prefer to learn everything on their own. Color photographs of each asana and its modifications with schematic drawings depicting the phases of its implementation will facilitate the study of yoga. And the complexes at the end for different occasions will provide a safe practice based on a deep understanding of complex internal processes.